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Founded in 2013, PT. Luxen Makmur Sejahtera channel high quality and reliable lighting products nationwide. Our products range from CFL and LED lighting for households and industries. PT. Luxen Makmur Sejahtera is one of the subsidiaries of PT. Lexus Daya Utama. Since 2000, PT. Lexus Daya Utama has been the sole distributor of Lexos and Sumo Stabilizer and UPS. In 2007, PT. Lexus Daya Utama diversified its business into the security system market under the name of PT. Global Sekurindo Bersama. We have offices in Jakarta, Medan, and Pekanbaru and a showroom in LTC Glodok. We also have partners all across Indonesia.





We build our brand by constantly innovating and developing products that meet our customers’ need.


We are committed to continuously provide products and services of superior quality to our valuable customers. We too have the ambition to create products that are sustainable for the environment.


We are committed to minimize the impacts of our operations towards the environment including products packaging, productions and facilities.




“Improving people’s life through quality products and services.”



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